River Cabin

Our client accommodations include a remote river cabin with running water/sewer and a sauna. There is one main cabin and nearby smaller cabins. Meals are provided daily and popcorn is served every night!



Seven miles up the Unalakleet River, your accommodations await. A combortable river cabin with a screened porch and cozy sleeping rooms offers a welcom retreat after a long day of fishing and/or hunting. A spacious sunroom provides a panoramic view of the South River Hills.

Guests stay in rooms off the main cabin or in adjoining cabins of their own. In this rustic setting, you will be happy to find electricity, running water, flush toilets, hot showers and a sauna that are rare treats in this remote location.

Many stories are told over the large kitchen table and on the deck overlooking the river. Blueberries are abundant off the boardwalk and along the riverbank in late July and August. World-class Arctic Grayling and Char/Dolly Varden are fishable right from the boat dock and all along the river.


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